I can’t recommend Tyler and Laurie enough to manage your estate. They are a dynamic duo and are amazing at what they do. Together they handle bookings, guest check in, concierge services for groups, property maintenance and more. Their attention to details on all things related to the property and the guest experience is invaluable. Our estate is always booked thanks to the attentiveness, superior customer service, and successful booking systems this team has in place. I also appreciate how well connected this team is to anything you might need in Sonoma County. They have everything you need lined up from housekeeping, landscaping, home maintenance and improvement, and guest experiences like chefs and wine tasting packages. I highly recommend Wine Country Estate Management! Thank you Tyler and Laurie for all you do for us!

Victoria & Doug Timpe

Wine Country Estate Management has been absolutely amazing to work with on our first vacation rental. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Tyler prior to purchasing the property and she had great advice and insight into the market. After purchase they assisted and guided us through the process of setting it up, provided recommendations for furniture / decor / bedding / bath purchases, as well as painters, contractors, etc. as we needed to make some improvements. They are very well connected to resources in the Sonoma Valley. Now that the property is up and running, they are on top of everything from organizing cleaners, handymen, assisting current guests (a lot of guests have raved about the private chefs!), purchasing supplies…the list goes on. We have been extremely pleased with the bookings and the reviews have been excellent. They manage the bookings and adjust the prices as the dates get closer to ensure the property is booked at full capacity. I highly recommend these ladies if you are looking for management in the Sonoma Valley area, they are fantastic!

Amber & John Wright

As a professional business executive for the past 47+ years, I have direct experience on what it takes to get a job well done
Accountability, execution, high levels of communication, knowledge of your product or service, the marketplace passion to provide outstanding service and care Tyler and Laurie and their team at Wine Country Estate Management oversaw all aspects of both short and long term rentals for our beautiful wine country 5 acre Tuscan estate in the Sonoma County

An inquiry was made by Tyler whether I would be willing to give a testimonial regarding their time of service. My response – more than happy to acknowledge their truly outstanding ability to handle every aspect regarding the successful and profitable management of our property.

Additionally, they also manage equally well smaller properties. Irrespective of the potential revenue generation they treat each client with appropriate attention and quality service. Well done!

Jethren Phillips

The team at Wine Country Estate Management takes care of everything from managing the bookings to refilling propane tanks for the outdoor firepit. They shared their expertise in the vacation rental sector to help me set up my rental for success, and they know how to manage the booking sites to keep it rented for the majority of each month. I would highly recommend Wine Country Estate Management as a full service vacation rental management team.

Lindsay Merget